resolver does not re-resolve upstream servers after initial cache

Andrew Alexeev andrew at
Fri Nov 9 09:23:38 UTC 2012


On Nov 9, 2012, at 1:14 PM, Dave Nolan wrote:

> Sergey Budnevitch wrote in post #1083548:
>> On 8  Nov2012, at 15:07 , guilhem <nginx-forum at> wrote:
>>> All my nginx servers have been down because of this.
>>> Just like you, I can't remove my server groups but I want the flexibility of
>>> DNS resolving (Not failing at start and TTL).
>> If you want the flexibility of DNS resolving and safeguard yourself
>> against
>> DNS failure you should either add hostnames to /etc/hosts or start
>> local named/NSD/etc with appropriate slave zones.
> Sure, that kind of flexibility needs more tools than just nginx.
> But actually it's a question about consistency, right?
> Even if proxy_pass defers to the server group, resolver config should be 
> respected for servers defined within the group, just like for everything 
> else. I'm just interested in why it's not, and whether there are plans 
> to change it. We might be interested in sponsoring this work.

That's the current (and maybe already "legacy") design of nginx upstream configuration. Unfortunately there's no quick solution but we actually appreciate your feedback a lot and will try to incorporate a better upstream design in the future releases.

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