Nginx, the future of SPDY and End-of-Life for SPDY/2

Aribe Hernandez aribe.hernandez at
Sun Nov 11 22:57:25 UTC 2012


The SPDY/2 patch at hasn't seen any
development in the last three months despite a number of TODO and XXX
marks in the code.

>From nginx-dev@ talk I've understood the patch in considered stable -
which is in line with my own experience after having run a number of
Nginx servers with the patch for the last few months. It does indeed
seem solid.
(Great work btw, and big ups to Automattic for sponsoring the

Back in August there was some talk on the spdy-dev Google Group about
when to EOL SPDY/2 and it was suggested that Google would drop SPDY/2
from Chrome 23 in early November. Chrome 23 has since been released
and fortunately it still supports SPDY/2.!msg/spdy-dev/zvA6Ohqs9Ew/8kkBLYMniQoJ!topic/spdy-dev/A0sCEnZBEcs

The SPDY/3 spec was published as an IETF draft in February, 2012 and
since then support for SPDY/3 has shown up in major browsers (July,
2012).  Among non-browser software, Jetty (Java app server), HAproxy
(load balancing proxy) and the mod_spdy module for Apache all features
support for SPDY/3.
Work is currently underway on developing the next iteration of the spec,

Nginx is worryingly missing from the list of software supporting
SPDY/3 (as well as general SPDY discussions). Was the SPDY/2 thing for
Nginx just a one shot thing or are there actual plans for the future
of SPDY in Nginx?

  -- A. Hnz

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