Upstream max_fails, fail_timeout and proxy_read_timeout

pliljenberg nginx-forum at
Fri Nov 16 15:54:51 UTC 2012

Thanks for the reply.

>> What we're actually seeing is that if a a request takes 300+ seconds,
>> backend is immediately set as disabled and all further requests are send
>> the other backend...
>> Are we missing something or is this the correct behaviour for nginx?

>Are you looking at the normally working backend server, or a
>server which was already considered down?

One server X receives a request which takes 300+ seconds to complete . That
request gets dropped by nginx due to the read timeout (as expected).
When this happens the server X is disabled and all upcoming request are sent
to server Y instead.
My interpretation of the configuration was that the server X would still get
requests since it only had 1 failure (and it 3 as configured) during the
last 30 seconds?

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