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Pinakee Biswas pinakee at
Mon Nov 19 08:52:55 UTC 2012



We are trying to use nginx as a proxy. We have a pylons framework for our
application which uses paster to deliver the resources.


PFA the configuration we have for nginx.


Somehow the css files and images are not getting delivered.


We have tried the following mechanisms:

1.       Configuring Nginx as a pure proxy where in all the resources would
be delivered by paster.

2.       Configuring Nginx such that nginx delivers the static resources
whereas the rest are delivered by paste.

Both are not working for us. Somehow the static resources (like css, images)
are not getting delivered.


We were using Apache earlier where the option 1 (as mentioned above was
working fine).


We are new to nginx. We would really appreciate if you could please let us
know what we are doing wrong and what the reason for the above could be.


Looking forward to your response and help.



Pinakee Biswas


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