Caucho Resin: faster than nginx?

arnoldguo nginx-forum at
Mon Nov 19 09:35:36 UTC 2012

I use  Xeon E5 32core CPU with 10G NIC, for empty page,get nearly 400-500k
rps on nginx 1.2.4,
How to get 700k rps or more(1000k rps)?

Liu Lantao Wrote:
> We are making a nginx benchmark under 10Gbe network. For an empty
> page, we
> get about 700k rps of nginx, in compare with about 100k rps of resin
> pro.
> In caucho's test, they use i7 4 core / 8 HT, 2.8 GHZ, 8Meg Cache, 8 GB
> RAM,
> and I use duo intel e5645. I think the result can be improved through
> some
> tuning.
> We tuned server configuration and nginx configuration, but didn't tune
> much
> on resin. We didn't find any configuration of caucho's testing,
> neither
> nginx nor resin. so i wonder how to make the rps of resin go above
> 100k?

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