SSL proxy without certificate

Reinis Rozitis r at
Thu Nov 22 03:56:02 UTC 2012

> In this way proxy worked but not using the backend certificate, so I got 
> these messages in my browser.   :(
> The identity of this website has not been verified.
> Server's certificate does not match the URL.
> Server's certificate is not trusted.

You need to use/configure the same SSL certificates on nginx as on the 
backend eg just proxy_pass'ing to backend won't work.

But is there a reason for "talking" to backend via https?
The common approach (also better performance) is offloading the SSL to nginx 
and proxying via plain http.

> I think the one you want is tcp layer proxying/balancing which is not what 
> nginx can do.

Not exactly true , but 
that is kind of another topic.


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