How to know if my nginx is in good health?

howard chen howachen at
Thu Nov 22 05:51:15 UTC 2012


I am running a nginx on EC2 (m1.small) for SSL termination.

I am using 2 workers on Ubuntu, with latest nginx (stable), the network
throughput is around *2Mbps* and system load average is around *2 to 3.*

I am wondering if this system is in good health for now,


   1. what is the queue length (I know nginx can handle a lot of concurrent
   request, but I mean before the request is being served, how many of them
   need to wait before being served)
   2. what is the average queue time for a given request to be served.

I want to know because if my nginx is *cpu bounded* (e.g. due to SSL), I
will need to upgrade to a faster instance.

My current nginx status

Active connections: 4076
server accepts handled requests
 90664283 90664283 104117012
Reading: 525 Writing: 81 Waiting: 3470

Any idea?
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