Random order of configuration file reading

philipp nginx-forum at nginx.us
Tue Nov 27 14:07:48 UTC 2012


we have a bunch of servers which are configured 100% equal expect of host
specific settings like ip address in the listener using chef/puppet. Nginx
seems to read include / config files not in the same order on each server.

For example we haven't defined a default vhost on each server... so nginx
uses the first loaded file which is exampleA.com on server 1 and
exampleB.com on server 2.

Furhtermore we use the upstream check status module, the status page is
randomly ordered at each server...

Is it possible to configure nginx to read config in the alphabeticial

For example

vhosts/exampleA.com (1.)
vhosts/exampleB.com (2.)


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