Nginx RP: a lot of rewrite rules

Davide D'Amico davide.damico at
Thu Apr 4 07:01:17 UTC 2013

I've two freebsd 9.1 vm (2 corees, 4gb ram) with nginx-1.2.7 in 
active/passive mode (using carp), acting as a reverse proxy to 4 
apache22 backend (2 cores, 4gb ram).
I should set 800 simple rewrite rules, such as:

rewrite ^/something/foo.html /bar.html permanent;

I cannot use any regexp to optimize all these rules, I have no 
scripting language enabled (the vhosts will serve only static pages, the 
apache22 backend will use SSI too).

Here the question:

Is it better to use (in terms of performances, reliability, load on the 
reverse proxy) the rewrite rules on the nginx reverse proxy, or use the 
rewrite rules on the apache22 backend?


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