Reverse proxy and wireshark

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Sat Apr 6 13:19:55 UTC 2013

If you run wireshark on your main box, you will be able to see the ips 
it connects to (but not the urls because of https). However they would 
need to be logged into your box to run wireshark and at this point they 
could just run a netstat command to find the ips it is connected to.
If you mean can the network operator find these ips? They can use tools 
like netflow/sflow on their switches and routers to find these ips 
(which is totally out of your control)
There's no way to prevent this..

On 06/04/13 13:55, Larry wrote:
> Hello,
> I am suddenly worrying about something simple :
> I have a box that send some traffic with proxy_pass to get files from
> another of my box faking the url. Hence acting as a reverse proxy.
> All the connections are ssl covered.
> Right.
> But is the whole reverse proxy broken if one listen with wireshark to the
> traffic of that proxy server ?
> Will it tell in the clear that I get the file from
>$uri ?
> Any hope to prevent that ? I don't want people to be able to know my other
> boxes ips.
> My boxes are all over europe, cannot change this.
> Is there an option in Nginx that would help there ?
> Thanks !
> Larry
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