nginx + my module crashes only when ignore client abort = on

gadh nginx-forum at
Tue Apr 9 12:59:54 UTC 2013

after a few addons to the code - in totally irrelevant places - the error
returns so it did not help.

Now i try to create a new upstream handler so i can use it instead of the
subrequest model.

i described the model i work in the first post above. let me add this:
in my first tests of the upstream - i cannot get to the backend server at
all - i just get the upstream response and nginx pass it directly to my
filters and then to the client. my needs are different - after i recv the
upstream response, i need it to go to the backend and then i'm going to
inject some of the data i recv from the upstream - to the backend response
and only then to the client.

can you tell me if creating a new upstream module (my examples are
proxy/memcached) can suit my needs here ?
Tnx alot

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