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Tue Apr 16 19:39:35 UTC 2013

Based on your post, I was actually dug a little bit deeper because there was
nowhere in my Perl I could find that returned 1.

After disabling most of the Perl, I was getting 499 errors which made sense,
the client was closing the connection. It looks like part of the issue is
that attached to the location I have a post_action that runs another perl

This Perl method doesn't have a return value and, in it's place, nginx is
just using 001. When adding a return code to this method, it takes over the
$status variable in the nginx log file. In general, have the method return
$r->variable('status') seems to properly emulate exactly what codes the
proxy is actual returning to the browser.

The one exception to this (that I can find) though is if the nginx return
code was 499. Then I just see 009 in my log files. Is there anything better
in nginx I can use than $status for getting the status code returned to the
browser? Alternatively, is there anything I can do so that the log file
doesn't read the status code from the post_action and instead just reads it
from the initial location?

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