Trouble migrating from pound to nginx

Jörg Kastning joerg.kastning at
Mon Apr 22 07:52:19 UTC 2013


I have some trouble here migration from the loadbalancer pound to nginx.
Nginx should be running as a loadbalancer for our webapplications which are
hosted on apache webservers in our lan.

The basic configuration looks like this:

lb(nginx) -----> two webservers(apache) -----> one or more

The old configuration is the same, we only used pound instead of nginx.

But for any reason the the webapplication wouldn't be delivered and I got
the apache default site instead.

I posted my configuration to Please note that I anonymized
hostnames, domainnames and ips.

   - nginx.conf -
   - vhost config -

Thanks in advance for helping me.

Best Regards,
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