nginx eating all RAM, log files?

Joseph Cabezas tdgh2323 at
Mon Apr 22 18:30:41 UTC 2013

I have two nginx instances (nginx/1.0.15) on a 4GB RAM machine. Each instance runs fewer than 25 requests as reported with stub_status on; 

The problem is that once nginx is started from scratch it starts eating (or reserving?) RAM progressively as reported by free -m, up to the point where it leaves only 2-5mb left and then it doesnt go past that. In about 7 days it has eating everything. Nginx doesnt crash, nor does it touch swap but I definately feel it 
compromises system resources to the point iam concerned as in a 
production spike its wise to think the server has no room. 

This is the exact same issue on 4 other nginx machines I have. 

In order to start over again I must kill -QUIT the PIDs , delete the log file (which is smaller then 800mb) and then all goes back to the cycle.

Please indicate me what pieces of information I can supply to debug this issue.

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