upload filename with double quote failure

motto nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Apr 25 07:06:36 UTC 2013

Sorry to be annoying, here is part of nginx config: 

     # Upload form should be submitted to this location
    location /upload_test {
        upload_pass   @test;
        upload_store /usr/local/apps/Opus/temp/upload 1;
        upload_store_access user:r;
        upload_set_form_field $upload_field_name.name "$upload_file_name";
        upload_set_form_field $upload_field_name.content_type
        upload_set_form_field $upload_field_name.path "$upload_tmp_path";
        upload_aggregate_form_field "$upload_field_name.md5"
        upload_aggregate_form_field "$upload_field_name.size"
        upload_pass_form_field "^(.*)";
        #upload_cleanup 400 404 499 500-505;
        upload_cleanup 404;

    # Pass altered request body to a backend
    location @test {
        proxy_pass   http://localhost:8080;

in case with firefox upload as you could see above, only "upfile" parameter
is available, while upfile.path, upfile.name and others are missing. 
That could not be related to backend as I used the same backend while
uploading with the same form under Chrome and Firefox in above example.
Thank you.

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