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Jörg Kastning joerg.kastning at
Fri Apr 26 05:47:13 UTC 2013

Ok. So the upstream block has to be in the nginx.conf. I thought I could
this one export to a separate file, too.

I was wondering why I still got the error message after I deleted the
upstream block in nginx.conf and had it only in my included file. So the
upstream configuration must be in nginx.conf?

2013/4/25 motto <nginx-forum at>

> upstream name should be unique per entire config, you could name it in
> nginx.conf and than reference to its name from different your includes.
> like:
>          upstream loadbalancer  {
>                 server;
>                 server;
>                 server;
>                 server;
>         }
> than in certain location (in included file for example)
>             proxy_pass         http://loadbalancer;
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