Max connections for WebSocket SSL termination

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Thu Aug 1 07:53:31 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

I have been using nginx in my personal life for a couple of years, recently
dropping totally apache and I must admit that this software rocks. Congrats
to all the devs for the fantastic job in the new-event-driven-world.

Secondly, at work, we are trying to use nginx as a SSL endpoint for our
websocket connections. We need to handle handred of thousands of permanent
connections, and given the problem that Node.js (our backend) has with SSL
(leaks memory in combination with websockets), we decided to give nginx a

Problem? We can only handle 64k connections due to the limit of actual ports
on a unix machine. I think this cannot be workarounded with nginx
configurations, right?

We can switch to listen to a unix socket (so Node.js is not serving in a
http port, but on a unix socket), which *I think* that could resolve the

Thanks for your help.

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