writev function not implemented

Rangel, Raul Raul.Rangel at disney.com
Mon Aug 5 20:13:20 UTC 2013

The filesystem is AUFS. It's mounted inside of a docker container.

root at 012b3d2b6aab:/# cat /proc/mounts 
rootfs / rootfs rw 0 0
none / aufs rw,relatime,si=2418709ef08a7cdd 0 0
proc /proc proc rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 0
sysfs /sys sysfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime 0 0
rpool/ROOT/ubuntu-1 /sbin/init zfs ro,relatime,xattr 0 0
data/docker /etc/resolv.conf zfs ro,relatime,xattr 0 0
devpts /dev/tty1 devpts rw,nosuid,noexec,relatime,gid=5,mode=620,ptmxmode=000 0 0
devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,relatime,mode=600,ptmxmode=666 0 0
devpts /dev/ptmx devpts rw,relatime,mode=600,ptmxmode=666 0 0

So my assumption is that AUFS does not support writev? So I need to somehow mount a different filesystem?

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> 2013/08/02 17:01:11 [crit] 26#0: *7 writev() 
> "/var/lib/nginx/client_body_temp/0000000001" failed (38: Function not
> implemented)

On what filesystem does /var/lib/nginx/client_body_temp reside (like 'cat /proc/mounts')?


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