How to log virtual server name

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> seems for me that any of these work for showing the virtual host (for
> followers).
> $http_host $host $server_name
> ​The Nginx docs specifies different content for those 3 variables.
The $http_host is a subset of the possible values that $host can take.
$server_name might not reflect what you wish: it will send literally the
line which is in the server configuration. It it contains a regular
expression, for instance, you'll get it as you typed it in...

> I just had to uncomment this line for it to 'take', oddly:
>  #access_log  logs/access.log  main;
> @nginx dev guys:  it would be nice if the default config either
> mentioned that both log_format and access_log (commented out) lines need
> to be uncommented to take, or for them both to start uncommented
> avoid this confusion for others in the future...
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