NGINX serving data via NFS mount

Rakshith nginx-forum at
Mon Aug 12 07:34:35 UTC 2013


Can anybody tell me what are the things needed by nginx to forward the
request via the NFS mount point?? Changes to the config file as such??

The config file looks like as shown below:

http {
    server {
        listen *:80 default accept_filter=httpready;
        server_name vs0;
        root /var/home/diag;
        autoindex on;


The mount path is as shown above against the root entry.

This config is resulting in an error when i try to send request using Curl
as shown below:

[rakshith at cyclnb15 ~]$ curl  -X GET -qvk

< HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

But the file actually exists:

bash-3.2# pwd

bash-3.2# ls
.snapshot       nginx.tar       output.dat

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!!!


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