NGINX serving data via NFS mount

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Mon Aug 12 11:49:12 UTC 2013

On 12 Aug 2013 09:41, "Rakshith" <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> So here is what the export policy looks like:
>                  Policy     Rule    Access  Client     RO
> Vserver      Name      Index   Protocol Match    Rule
> ------------ --------------- ------  -------- ---------------------
> ---------
> vs0           default         1       any             any

That means nothing to me (in this nginx context). You need to check *file*
permissions/ownership at the Unix FS level.

> So i would like my nginx server as below:
> Receive GET/PUT request from a client.
> Forward the request to the NFS client via the NFS mount point.
> The NFS client which has mounted the file system would then use NFS to
> the file.

You need to explain this better. Nginx won't give a damn that the file is
on NFS, but what you're explaining has nothing to do with nginx! Nginx
doesn't talk "NFS" in any way.

> So to summarize, nginx server just acts like a proxy here..

Given what you've explained, this is wrong. I /think/ you want Nginx to
serve filesystem-accessible files (admittedly stored on a filer) and have
got the concept of a proxy here in your head wrongly.

> FYI: I did try doing a GET and PUT via the VFS and it worked.

Demonstrate this test please.

> The config
> file looks something like below:

So if that works, what's the problem?

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