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Lukas yeah thanks I will I guess I aggree with you but I am jst asking

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Lukas Tribus <luky-37 at> wrote:

> Hi Dejan,
> > If I use character reference in html file to represent a character and
> > web server sends the file on browser request, how the browser will
> > decode the character reference?
> > My Nginx web server is configured to not send character encoding in the
> > header I have set character encoding in the meta tag on page level to
> > utf8.
> This is off-topic, as this is about browser behavior, not webserver or
> nginx specific behavior.
> My experience is that, when both html meta tag and HTTP header are setting
> the charset, the one in the HTTP header takes precedence. When the HTTP
> header doesn't specify the charset, browser usually refer to the html meta
> tag. Different browser vendor and releases may have a different behavior.
> I strongly suggest you set the correct charset in the HTTP header.
> Regards,
> Lukas
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