How to turn off gzip compression for SSL traffic

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Sun Aug 18 17:15:22 UTC 2013

On 18 August 2013 18:09, itpp2012 <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> Igor Sysoev Wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------------
>> Yes, modern nginx versions do not use SSL compression.
> [...]
>> You have to split the dual mode server section into two server server
>> sections and set "gzip off"
>> SSL-enabled on. There is no way to disable gzip in dual mode server
>> section, but if you really
>> worry about security in general the server sections should be
>> different.
> If modern versions do not use ssl compression why split a dual mode server?
> If gzip is on in the http section, what happens then to the ssl section of a
> dual mode server?


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