How to turn off gzip compression for SSL traffic

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> These are different vulnerabilities: SSL compression is subject to
> CRIME vulnerability while HTTP/SSL compression is subject to BREACH
> vulnerability.


CRIME attacks a vulnerability in the implementation of SSLv3 and TLS1.0​
using CBC flaw: the IV was guessable. Hte other vulnerability was a
facilitator to inject automatically ​arbitrary content (so attackers could
inject what they wish to make their trail-and-error attack).
CRIME conclusion is: use TLS v1.1 or later (not greater than v1.2 for now).

BREACH attacks the fact that compressed HTTP content encrypted with SSL
makes it easy to guess a known existing header field from the request that
is repeated in the (encrypted) answer looking at the size of the body.
BEAST conclusion is: don't use HTTP compression underneath SSL encryption.
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