Nginx as Reverse Proxy for Tomcat + SSL

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Wed Aug 21 18:01:59 UTC 2013

Hi Jens,

I will explain you my need. I need an end to en encryption for my client 
server communication.

Client ->nginx/haproxy    - https
nginx/haprody -> tomcat - https

So one way to do this is a layer 4 load balancing at nginx/haproxy 

But What I am trying to do is to do a layer 7 encryption itself. So the 
first ssl offloading will happen at the nginx/haproxy level. Then it 
will be again encrypted and send to the underlaying tomcat. Then tomcat 
will offload ssl again.

The reason for this is, I am creating my stack in amazon and we do not 
want any kind of plane communication happening in amazon network.

So I am not really sure about the configuration which I can do on nginx 
which will do the following:

1. Off load the ssl for the requests coming from client (users) - This 
configuration is simple enough
2. encrypt the communication again and send to underlaying tomcats

Can I have an SSL from Client to Nginx and another between Nginx and 

so it will be like
Kind Regards

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