gzip compression won't disable

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Thu Aug 22 02:38:15 UTC 2013


On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 9:48 PM, Michael Kovacs <kovacs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm running nginx 1.2.6 from a packaged install on Ubuntu 13.04. I'm at a
> total loss as to how this is happening but I simply cannot disable gzip
> compression for my server no matter what I try. Setting gzip off; in
> nginx.conf in the http context doesn't work. I modified the default config
> setting that was already there. I even moved it to the bottom of the
> section to see if maybe there was something else that was toggling it on
> after that config entry.

​​I'm not​ sure moving the directive around the same level has any impact
if you don't have another 'gzip' directive there.
Have you checked that there is no gzip at inferior levels (server or
location blocks).
Even better: gzip directive is internally set to 'off'. Check that there is
no 'gzip' usage anywhere in any included file of your configuration (simple
grep) and you'll have the conf you wish.

2nd part:
Check your conf is *really* applied on reload: first, check the syntax with
nginx -t, then monitor the logs when reloading to see any error popping up.
*B. R.*
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