NGINX timeout issue

Shankar Dagadu Borate borate at
Tue Dec 3 09:45:49 UTC 2013

Hi all,
We are using nginx as proxy server in all our production deployment. The nginx server proxy the http request to Amazon ELB (elastic load balancer) using upstream module. Currently we are seeing timeout issues in NGINX because NGINX caches the IP address on start. Now when there is change in IP address of ELB, NGINX doesn't updates it's IP and still point to old IP. We went through many post on internet and tried setting resolver to AWS DNS server, resolver timeout to 20s, valids to 30 sec. defining variable instead of direct name in proxy pass, request URL in proxy pass but nothing has worked for us. NGINX is not honoring the resolver and corresponding TTL settings.
Some of the blogs also says that they have tried similar things and nothing works for them. IT looks to me like this is bug in NGINX and will be resolved only by changing the source.
Has anybody found solution to this problem? If yes, please let us know your configurations.
Only solution I have right now is write some script and restart the server when timeout occurs. But this is not ideal solution.
I am seriously thinking of moving to Apache Http server if this problem doesn't get resolved.

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