checking for OpenSSL library ... not found

Jeffrey Walton noloader at
Tue Dec 17 00:12:56 UTC 2013

checking for OpenSSL library ... not found

./auto/configure: error: SSL modules require the OpenSSL library.
You can either do not enable the modules, or install the OpenSSL library
into the system, or build the OpenSSL library statically from the source
with nginx by using --with-openssl=<path> option.


I believe OpenSSL is present (I just built it from sources):

$ ls /usr/local/ssl/
bin  certs  include  lib  man  misc  openssl.cnf  private

$ ls /usr/local/ssl/lib/
engines  libcrypto.a  libssl.a  pkgconfig


Here was my configure. $THIS_USER and $THIS_GROUP was set properly to
my login and group.

./auto/configure --with-debug --with-http_ssl_module
--prefix="$THIS_DIR/ac" --http-proxy-temp-path="$THIS_DIR/ac/temp"
--user="$THIS_USER" --group="$THIS_GROUP"
/usr/local/ssl/lib/libssl.a /usr/local/ssl/lib/libcrypto.a


I believe --with-cc-opt and --with-ld-opt is the preferred (required?)
way to do things for local/custom OpenSSL

Does anything look out of place?


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