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Tue Dec 17 20:42:31 UTC 2013

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 01:04:59AM +0000, Matthew Ngaha wrote:

Hi there,

> So it seems the reloading wasn't taking effect and only did
> after a restart of my PC.  i've beeb typing "sudo service nginx
> reload" after editing .. why isn't this working, do i have to do
> something else?

The best reply is "what do your logs say?".

You should probably learn exactly what "sudo service nginx reload"
does on your machine.

"service nginx" probably runs the shell script /etc/init.d/nginx.

That possibly runs an nginx binary with a named configuration file.

If it does, then that is the one configuration file that matters.

If it does not, then you running the same nginx binary with a "-V"
argument should indicate what the one configuration file that matters is.

After that, you can edit that file to introduce a deliberate error, and
see what your "sudo service nginx reload" shows, and compare that with
what happens when you run nginx directly with appropriate arguments. If
there is an error in the config file, you should see a clear indication
of it.

Running nginx with a "-h" argument shows the help text.

Good luck with it,

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