bug in spdy - 499 response code on long running requests

bahaa nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sun Dec 22 12:12:05 UTC 2013

I noticed the same behavior when sending long running requests (>10secs)
from chrome with nginx running as a reversy proxy with spdy enabled. What
happens is that chrome sends a PING frame, then sends the request, then if
it doesn't get a PING reply it will close the connection and resend the
You can see the handling of PING failure here:

The reason chrome isn't getting a PING reply within 10secs is because nginx
queues the ping reply and doesn't send it until it gets a response from
I added a call to ngx_http_spdy_send_output_queue() in
ngx_http_spdy_state_ping() to send the PING reply immediately and it solved
the problem.

Bahaa Aidi

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