[PATCH] SPDY: support for SPDY v3

Weibin Yao yaoweibin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 12:56:35 UTC 2013


We have just implemented the support for SPDY v3 in nginx, with flow
control (upload and download), and a switch option between SPDY v2 and
SPDY v3.

This patch is for Nginx-1.5.8.

The directives we added are:

syntax: spdy_version [2|3]
default: spdy_version 3
context: http, server
Specify the version of current SPDY protocol.

syntax: spdy_flow_control on|off
default: spdy_flow_control on
context: http, server
Turn on or off with SPDY flow control.

syntax: spdy_init_recv_window_size size
default: spdy_init_recv_window_size 64k
context: http, server
Specify the receiving window size for SPDY. By default, it's 64K. It
will send a WINDOW UPDATE frame when it receives half of the window
size data every time.

Hope this patch is helpful. Have fun :-)

Thank you.

Weibin Yao
Developer @ Web Platform Team of Taobao
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