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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Fri Dec 27 11:58:43 UTC 2013

On 27/12/2013 10:15, volga629 wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Tried add mod wsgi and compilation fail. Any help thank you in advance.


The WSGI module is not compatible with recent Nginx versions.
It is time to update the code.  I also plan to convert the repository 
from Mercurial to Git and push it on github.

It will take at least one week, however.

Finally, note that the Nginx WSGI module is not for the
"casual web application".  There are some issues, since execution of 
Python code will block an entire Nginx worker process. This may be ok 
for some applications, but may be a problem with other applications 
where a different WSGI implementation (like uWSGI or Apache mod_wsgi) 
may be a better solution.

 > [...]

Regards  Manlio Perillo

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