Problem with client_max_body_size

dast@c-base dast at
Tue Feb 5 16:09:58 UTC 2013

WTF, it works now :(

what i have done:

 - backup /etc/nginx
 - removed all commented lines in the config files in /etc/nginx
 - stoped nginx
 - start nginx (from now nginx asks 2 times for the ssl-cert passthrase, on restart too, before it only asked one time for the passthrase on restart)
 - tested svn commit - and now committing 8MB File works fine

now i was confused.

i restored backup'd config (/etc/nginx) and restarted nginx - still works

stoped and started nginx - still work.

can it be, that a "/etc/init.d/nginx restart" has not loaded my changed config?
and a stop+start has oared the new config and now it use the client_max_body_size config?

on all my tests last 2 days i have only used the "restart" command - not stop+start.

best regards,

Am 05.02.2013 um 16:42 schrieb Maxim Dounin <mdounin at>:

> Try showing full nginx config you use (that is, nginx.conf and 
> all included files).

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