set $cookie_abc "$cookie_abc";

Valentin V. Bartenev vbart at
Mon Feb 11 16:03:13 UTC 2013

On Monday 11 February 2013 17:41:05 amodpandey wrote:
> Thank you. But this is not what I am looking for. The question is about
> defining $cookie_abc and default it to $cookie_abc itself (if the value
> exists).
> the map will give me the value in $abc which I am not looking for.
> BTW set $cookie_abc "$abc"; will still reset the value of $abc to default

All magic variable $cookie_*, $http_*, $upstream_http_* are always exist.
By defining "set $cookie_abc" you just hid the original variable, so don't
do that.

It more looks like a bug in the lua module.

  wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

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