Timeout serving large requests

Anatoly Mikhailov anatoly at sonru.com
Wed Feb 13 19:47:53 UTC 2013

Actually you can still use passenger standalone to have it independent
from the nginx binary (no need to compile it inside). In that case
passenger should not affect on request interruptions.

The reason to use something else can be zero-downtime practice,
if you would go with Unicorn, try to check the ready-to-use config:

You know, it's the same approach as for any Unix 
signals-based binary (master/workers) USR2+QUIT roll out.


On Feb 13, 2013, at 5:40 PM, BrindleFly <nginx-forum at nginx.us> wrote:

> I recompiled without passenger (--with-http_ssl_module
> --with-http_gzip_static_module --with-cc-opt=-Wno-error) and to my surprise,
> the interrupted request issue has disappeared. This means that having the
> passenger module compiled into an application changes some aspect of
> timeouts for all requests, independent of whether you have turned the
> passenger directive on or not.
> Wow... Now I understand why Phusion sells commercial versions of passenger
> that add support for timeout configuration parameters. Time to abandon
> Passenger.
> I sort of suspected I wasn't having an nginx issue. ;)
> Joe
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