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Thu Feb 14 10:55:47 UTC 2013

I will be setting up two servers on a hosted platform.  I plan to use NGINX
as a front-end proxy for APACHE. Let's call the two servers App Server 1 and
App Server 2. I also have a server on another hosting platform and that has
my home page. Let's call that OUTSIDE Server. App Server 1 and App Server 2
will house the application. When the user clicks on the sign in button on
the OUTSIDE Server, the user will be redirected to App Server 1. Basic
round-robin load balancing through NGINX on App Server 1 will assign the
user to sign in on either that server (App Server 1) or on App Server 2.

(1) I want to only allow App Server 1 to accept traffic coming from either
OUTSIDE Server or App Server 2. Even if the user had bookmarked App Server
1, they will need to go back thru OUTSIDE Server to sign in.  How do I do
this with NGINX?
(2) Very similar issue with App Server 2, except that it can only have
traffic coming from App Server 1. How do I do this with NGINX?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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