502 bad gateway error with php5-fpm on Debian 7

GASPARD Kévin list-reader at koshie.fr
Wed Feb 20 23:36:27 UTC 2013

>> >The nginx config you showed is not the one that the running nginx is
>> >using when it created this log file.
>> I've pasted a working vhost configuration file and pasted an error on an
>> other configuration file but they are identical except for document root
>> and domain. To create this file I've used 'cp' and modified it.
> When a request comes in to nginx, it chooses exactly one server{} block
> to handle it. That server{} block is chosen based firstly on the incoming
> ip:port; and then secondly on the incoming host name used in the request.
> Looking at your config file, plus every file include'd in it, can you
> see which one server{} block is used for this request? (You'll need
> to look at all of the "listen" directives first, and then all of the
> "server_name" directives in the server{}s with the "listen" that best
> matches the incoming ip:port.)
> What fastcgi_pass line is used in that one server{} block?

I've do a grep -R 'listen' /etc/nginx/conf.d/ and every vhost  
configuration file have two lines, exactly the same:

         listen      80;
         listen      443 ssl;

In the past, to be sure to don't make mistake I copied an old vhost  
configuration file and I modified it every times for  a new website. So  
you'll see this kind of line:

         server_name     subdomain.koshie.fr www.subdomain.koshie.fr;

Some of these vhost are different but that's because they need regex for  
some stuff.

Finally, for fastcgi_pass, I've only tested my configuration and pasted  
here data with the vhosts containing the value pasted in the first mail:  
fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;

I've for now a lot of domain with my old configuration value, listening on  
the network if I don't say rubish (and as you say before).

I'm sorry but I'm not sure to understand why you are asking me to do and I  
given you what I can. If I miss something can you point me on the good way  

Good night, Koshie

Sorry for my english, I'm trying the best in each e-mail writing. Tell me  
if I'm not clear enough.
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