How to remove the "IF" in this fcgi config

Ed W lists at
Thu Feb 21 19:08:56 UTC 2013

On 21/02/2013 17:54, Igor Sysoev wrote:

>                 location ~ ^(?<script_name>.+\.php)(?<path_info>/|$) {
>                         try_files  $script_name  =404;
>                         include fastcgi2.conf;
>                         fastcgi_param  PATH_INFO  $path_info;
>                         fastcgi_pass;
>                 }

Can I ask you to confirm the correction of a typo in your answer. Do I 
want this:

     ....(?<path_info>.*) {

ie is this ammended version correct in the face of a URL such as:



Ed W

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