Default error_page for multiple vhosts

Alexander Nestorov alexandernst at
Fri Feb 22 11:42:17 UTC 2013

Thank you both for the replies :)

I already thought about soft links and some hack with grep+sed, but
that's not I really wanted to ask.

What I really ment to ask/say is: it will be really usefull to set
some default rules that could be overriden later
on each server{}.


It would be really usefull (in my particular case) to set error_page
to some absolute path so that all server{}
get error_page automatically. Then, if my domain 42 needs a custom
error_page I could just add the error_page
to that server{} and it will get overriden.

This is (the way I see it) more elegant than re-generating server{}
templates or doing ln -s.
Think about http{} as a class and server{} as a derived class in any
OOP language.


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