Updated hotlink protection with new Google Image Search

Emilian Robert Vicol lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Feb 24 02:42:46 UTC 2013

for those using wordpress, WP-PICShield can be helpful, do almost
everything you want or not :)

 - Pass-Through Images Request
 - Caching Support,
 - Custom image transprency
 - Anti-IFRAME Protection,
 - Custom PNG watermark
 - HostName over images as url and/or in QR-BarCode !!!
 - Protection against unauthorized requests
 - Redirect direct-link to: attachment, single/gallery, or home
 - Allow Online Translators
 - Avoid memory errors for big files
 - Allow share button for socials sites:Facebook, Pinterest, Thumblr,
   Twitter, Google Plus
 - Allow Wordpress via RPC and Twitter via OAuth
 - Allow remote ip list
 - Manual Clear Cache script avoid php limit execution
 - CDN Tools and helps !!!

unfortunately only httacces rules , not nginx.


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