Weird SSL Issue

Adrian Hayter adrianhayter at
Thu Jan 10 11:20:58 UTC 2013

I use nginx to host multiple websites, and one of them has a valid SSL
certificate. I've noticed recently (from early November 2012 according to
Google Webmaster Tools), that if I make an SSL connection to one of the
sites which does not have a valid SSL cert, I get the content of the site
that does.

That is, is has the SSL cert, and I host without,
if I go to I will get the homepage for

This is despite the fact that the configuration file for
example2.comdoesn't have anything concerning SSL in it (not even
listening on port
443), and the configuration file for doesn't have anything

If configuration files are needed, I can provide them. However this was
definitely not an issue before November. I suspect it started happening
after I upgraded to the latest stable release of nginx.

Any help is appreciated.
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