Nginx, PHP, Wordpress, VirtualBox

Jan-Philip Gehrcke jgehrcke at
Fri Jan 11 09:04:25 UTC 2013

> On 1/10/2013 3:49 PM, Steve Holdoway wrote:
>> You don't say what the problem is, but if it's performance, look at:
>> 1. Host database config
>> 2. PHP config - memory use
>> 3. Add an opcode cacher - APC seems to work best on php-fpm
>> 4. Nginx config - compression, expiry headers, fpm resources.
>> TBH I feel that WP caching options are for those without the ability to
>> to the job properly - ie cannot tune their servers.

Not sure what you are referring to here. The premise is that caching for 
WordPress is a must:

I am running a WordPress site with nginx, php-fpm, and APC on a low 
performance machine with two cores. Without caching, it is able to serve 
about 5 page requests per second. At this request rate, php-fpm 
constantly produces 100 % CPU load on both cores. The take-home message 
is that WordPress is bloated and requires its resources. Maybe this is 
still tunable in order to increase performance by a few or even 100 
percent. But this is not worth the effort, because with enabled nginx 
fastcgi_cache the server easily answers thousands of requests per 
second, i.e. exhibits several orders of magnitude more performance.

Some people are using a caching plugin for WordPress itself -- which is 
a good solution when using a shared hosting platform without the chance 
to change the web stack or change the web server configuration.

Others implement caching below the web application level as I did. This 
is a cleaner and probably faster solution. In any case, caching for 
WordPress is a must.



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