Is it possible that nginx will not buffer the client body?

姚伟斌 yaoweibin at
Fri Jan 11 09:17:18 UTC 2013

I know nginx team are working on it. You can wait for it.

If you are eager for this feature, you could try my patch: This patch has been running in
our production servers.

2013/1/11 li zJay <zjay1987 at>

> Hello!
> is it possible that nginx will not buffer the client body before handle
> the request to upstream?
> we want to use nginx as a reverse proxy to upload very very big file to
> the upstream, but the default behavior of nginx is to save the whole
> request to the local disk first before handle it to the upstream, which
> make the upstream impossible to process the file on the fly when the file
> is uploading, results in much high request latency and server-side resource
> consumption.
> Thanks!
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