Is it possible that nginx will not buffer the client body?

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Fri Jan 11 19:31:10 UTC 2013

lm011111 Wrote:
> Hello!
> is it possible that nginx will not buffer the client body before
> handle the
> request to upstream?
> we want to use nginx as a reverse proxy to upload very very big file
> to the
> upstream, but the default behavior of nginx is to save the whole
> request to
> the local disk first before handle it to the upstream, which make the
> upstream impossible to process the file on the fly when the file is
> uploading, results in much high request latency and server-side
> resource
> consumption.
> Thanks!
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You could use the nginx upload module to do this.

I currently am using this to support a video upload application built with
Django and has full upload resume functionality as well.  The only caveat is
that I cannot support resumes across different sessions, but within the same
session it works (uses the X-UPLOAD-SESSION-ID header or something similar).

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