nginx deployments survey

Andrew Alexeev andrew at
Mon Jan 14 19:54:05 UTC 2013

On Jan 14, 2013, at 11:41 PM, itpp2012 wrote:

> Done! maybe something to think about, allow a feature request to be
> sponsored, for example SiT has this, if many sponsor a request it gets done
> faster or if few sponsor a request, it requires higher sponsor fees to get
> it done.
> Posted at Nginx Forum:,234835,235071#msg-235071

Thanks for completing the survey and thanks for the suggestion. We actually have this, though it's currently structured a bit differently (single/few sponsors per feature vs. crowdfunding)

During 2012 the following features were sponsored:

- SPDY (Automattic)
- OCSP Stapling (GlobalSign, Comodo, DigiCert)
- Chunked transfer encoding on input (sponsor preferred to refrain from public announcement)
- WebSockets (due to be ready soon, and the sponsors list to be disclosed)

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