Howto set geoip_country for IPv4 and IPv6 databases?

Patrick Lists nginx-list at
Tue Jan 15 04:08:15 UTC 2013


Next to their IPv4 country and city database, Maxmind now also has an 
IPv6 country and city database at

Is there a way I can make geo use the IPv6 databases too?

This does not work:

geoip_country /etc/nginx/GeoIP.dat;
geoip_country /etc/nginx/GeoIPv6.dat;
geoip_city /etc/nginx/GeoLiteCity.dat;
geoip_city /etc/nginx/GeoLiteCityv6.dat;

Because I see this error when checking the config:

nginx: [emerg] "geoip_country" directive is duplicate in 

Thanks for any advice.


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