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Edward Songy edwardsongy at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 15 04:33:33 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I have embarked on the path to get nginx to work
with MS Windows.  I am going to follow the instructions
provided in the sites of Eksith Rodrigo explicitely, and
ask that any who have succeded in getting 'phpinfo.php'
to display it's information properly share your 'nginx.conf'
settings and your 'php.ini' directive settings, and your

I acknowledge the advantages of using Linux, OpenBSD, ..etc
but have not touched  "....inx' since installing SCO xenix
thirty-eight (38) years ago,  and although confident then
( I was age 40 then ),  would not like to 're-learn'  '...inx'
until it is needed for a 'production' site, therefore the
desire to stick with one of the MS operating systems.

I am comfortable with installing, configuring, creating
databases and tables and using the MySQL monitor.
Had the MySQL application working on my notebook
with Apache, and PHP, but have removed it all in order
to start 'clean' with the nginx endeavor.

Have downloaded:
mysql-5.5.29-win32.zip   and

I know how to install via t.he - - -.msi , but do not know
with - - -.zip    It seems that the Windows tools for installing
starting, stopping, and un-installing presume installation
via an installer.

  The RDBMS IDE 'PFXplus' that I have been
using for all versions, SCO xenix thru MS Windows can be
installed as multiple instances and no changes to the registry.
All that is required for an 'install' is that the files be copied
into the desired drive:directory and it works! Simple and wonderful.

Since Eksith instructs to use the .... zip versions, am I now going
to learn to 'install' and configure MySQL without the .msi version?
..and do the same with PHP?

Have downloaded:  php-5.4.10-win32-VC9-x86.zip.  Do not believe
that there exists a:  php-5.4.10-win32-VC9-x86.msi.

Have downloaded: nginx-1.3.11.zip  and

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