Does anyone know of an Interface that can provide/manage text configuration snippets for nginx

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Wed Jan 16 09:28:33 UTC 2013

Thanks for your answers Jonathan.very interesting.
as to the second part of the question:
I have a very specific need which has lead me to use Nginx:
Im using it as a Reverse proxy, specifically for it's sub_filter 
capabilities, to manage text substitution at the output chain buffer 

Since Nginx sub_filter module derives its configuration from included 
*.conf files, and since my intention is to use plenty of them in a 
hierarchical structure (almost like xml files are used as a Data source) 
in large amounts changing them very often,
I need to be able to comfortably generate/edit large amounts of these 
config  text snippets, preferably from an interface which i intend to 
this is currently and probably the tool gap i need filling as of this 

hopes this makes my question more clear.

I have already setup a server and found it suitable for my needs.

I know these are deep waters and i might be over my head here, but what 
i'm looking for is a good starting point or tool that can get me going. 
if such don't exist, what programming language would be suitable to 
interface with the Nginx configuration snippets ?

Thanks again.

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