patch.spdy-55_1.3.11 broken?

James Cloos cloos at
Thu Jan 17 16:18:08 UTC 2013

>>>>> "MK" == Maxim Konovalov <maxim at> writes:

MK> The following script works for me on FreeBSD box:

MK> fetch -o- | tar
MK> zxvf - && fetch
MK> && cd
MK> nginx-1.3.11 && patch -p1 <../patch.spdy-58_1.3.11.txt

MK> Please note that 'patch -C' could produce the (false) errors you
MK> describe.

On linux, using gnu patch, patch(1) and patch -C both tell me that -C is
not a valid option to patch.

But I see the problem; the single patch file is a set of incremental patches.

Unfortunately, gentoo's portage uses the --dry-run flag first, to
determine which -p option is required.  The earlier spdy patches worked
with that automation, but the hg changeset does not.

I'll post a bugz with them about that issue.

Is the hg repo with the spdy changes available anywhere?

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