Rewrite rules with NGinx

Mik J mikydevel at
Sun Jan 20 16:35:39 UTC 2013

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> De : Francis Daly <francis at>
> Hi there,
> Untested, but: it feels nicer to avoid rewrite if possible.

Hello Francis,
Thank you for your answer.

>>  Action 1:
>>  I would like that when people access to the system 
> queries the webpage
>   location = /nginx {
>    # proxy_pass or fastcgi_pass and fastcgi_param, or whatever is appropriate
>   }
> "appropriate" depends on which non-nginx thing you use to process php.

I have not installed anything like that at the moment but I'll use fastcgi I think. I'm not sure I fully understand your answer though.

>>  Action 2:
>>  For people who try to access to, they are 
> redirected to
>   location = /page.php {
>    if (#this_should_redirect) {
>     return 302 /nginx;
>    }
>    # proxy_pass or fastcgi_pass, or whatever is appropriate
>   }
> "this_should_redirect" might be based on $arg_arg, or on 
> $query_string,
> or on something similar.

According to your answer I should write something like this
location = /page.php {
if ($arg_arg = nginx) {
     return 302 /nginx;
# proxy_pass or fastcgi_pass, or whatever is appropriate

> What should happen for /page.php?arg=other ?
I didn't think about this case but if arg=other, I would like the redirection to go to

> And for /page.php?arg=nginx&other?
I'm not sure I understand but the arguements provided will be arg=nginx&language=ru. So yes there could be more than one argument. But my Apache setting has only one argument at the moment and I'd like to move from Apache to Nginx.

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